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  • To create physical , socio-economic, cultural , moral, educational and healthcare related infrastructure for the overall development of thandas in particular and thanda habitants in general and to develop and facilitate to develop basic infrastructure like weather approach roads, internal roads, drainage, housing and transportation and communication facilities , community centers, etc to thandas. And to provide and facilitate to provide civic amenities like drinking water, electricity, street lighting, and sanitation, solid waste disposal sites etc. to thanda's in general and newly converted revenue thandas in particulars.
  • To provide necessary infrastructure for providing quality education to the thanda habitants by establishing mobile schools , part-time hostels and residential schools on the line of model Moorarji Desai/ Novodaya/Kittur Rani Chennamma/ Ekalavya/Ashram Shalas ( from 1st std to 10th std).
  • To create such economic infrastructure that provides an opportunity for the thanda habitants to engage in self-employment and group employment, income generation activities and to undertake training programs for acquiring new skills and upgrading, enhancing and developing the skills in various fields, especially the traditional unique kasuthi skill (stitching and embroidery) of banjara costumes to attract young lambani generation and fashion world to renew, promote and strengthen socio- economic conditions of the community.
  • To facilitate in providing legal title to agriculture land of banjara formers who are cultivating for the livelihood since long time in forest land, government land, gomala land. And also to facilitate in providing legal status to thandas by way of providing legal titles over the sites and houses constructed in forest land, government land, gomala and in private land and also to regularize the sites and houses occupied by thanda habitants in such lands from ages. And to facilitate and to co-ordinate with the concerned departments in converting the remaining thandas (hamlets villages) into revenue villages.
  • To renew, promote and strengthen the social institutions (mutts) existed over ages in thandas for administering their value system, social affairs in order to create proper awareness and to enhance the morals of the people living in thandas and to protect the banjara dialect and to promote and to develop the script of banjara language and also to bring out a dictionary of the language to protect, preserve, and to promote the rich culture of banjara's in the areas of language, customs, life style, traditions, art and folklore, ethnicity and costumes of banjara's in thandas.


  • To undertake or aid production or supply of materials and articles for construction of buildings for putting up poultry and Dairy farms and Agricultural implements.
  • To advance loans for organizing and developing poultry and Dairy Farming and intensive agricultural operations to start and develop cottage industries, workshops and work centers.
  • To act as guarantors for or land seed/ marginal money required for obtaining advances, and loans that may be made by other financial or developmental or industrial institutions or Government to the members of the Banjara.
  • To receive loans, advances, grants or other moneys from the Central Government, State Government, Local Bodies, Banks, Companies, Corporation, Co-Operative societies, Karnataka Khadhi and village industries commission, Trusts or individuals with or without interest in order to carry out the objects of the company.
  • To lend or advances money either upon or without security and borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as the Board of Directors may deem fit, and in particular by the issue of Debentures, Debenture stock bonds, Deposits, obligation and securities of all kinds but the corporation will not carry on banking business within the meaning of Banking Regulation Act, 1949.
  • To pay all costs, charges and expenses incurred or sustained in or about the promotion and establishment of the Corporation which the Board may consider to be on the nature of preliminary expenses including therein the cost advertising, Printing and expenses attendant upon the formation of branches and agencies.
  • To construct, acquire, maintain and alter any buildings, or works necessary or convenient for the purpose of the company.
  • To take over, improve, and reconstruct any Government Building with or without consideration for setting up any office, workshed or store in connection with any scheme or project approved by the Board.
  • To receive, take over, improve or develop any land belonging to the Government of karnataka, or the Government of India, local Body, or Statutory Body for agricultural, Fishery or Industrial Development, directly or in collaboration with Government, Local Body, Company or any member belonging to Banjara or group of such persons whether registered under law as firm or society or company or not.
  • To set up, run and manage work production centers for manufactures of goods required for attaining the main objects of the company.
  • To make, draw, accept, endorse, discount execute, issue and negotiate cheques, bills of exchanges, promissory notes, debentures and negotiable or transferable instruments.
  • To receive grants, subsidies, contributions*, *donations*,* loans, advances or other monies of whatsoever in nature from the State Government, Central Government, Foreign Governments and bodies, banks, companies, trusts, individuals for the fulfillment of objects of the Company.
  • To promote and operate schemes for the benefit of Banjara and for that purpose to prepare pr get or cause to be prepared feasibility reports, blue prints, Statistics and other information.
  • To employ and remunerate experts to investigate and examine the condition, prospects, value and circumstances of any scheme for the welfare of Banjara and generally of any assets, property and rights of any person belonging to Banjara and generally of any assets, property and rights of any person belonging to Banjara and/or group of such persons registered under law as firm or Society or Company or not.
  • To enter into any partnership or arrangement for joint working with any other Company firm or person carrying on business with the same or similar objects of this Corporation.
  • To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, enfranchise, dispose of, turn to account, and otherwise deal with all or any part of the property and rights of the corporation.
  • To accept stock of shares, in order the debentures mortgage debentures or other securities of any other Company in payment for any services rendered or for any sale made to debt owing from any such Company.
  • To acquire and undertake the whole or any part of the business, property and liabilities of any person or Company carrying on any business which the company is authorised to carry on, or possessed of property suitable for the purpose of this Company.
  • To enter into any arrangements with Government of India, Government of Karnataka or any other Government Corporation Company’s Social authority or statutory body for the purpose of carrying out the objects of the corporation or furthering its interests and to obtain from such Government or authority, persons or body any characters, subsidies, concessions privileges or immunities which the Board of Directors may think it desirable to obtain and exercise and Company with such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.
  • To invest the moneys of the corporation, not immediately required, in such matter other than in the share of this Company as from time to time may be determined.
  • To create any depreciation fund, reserve fund, sinking fund, insurance fund or any special or other fund whether for depreciation or for repairing, replacing, improving expending or maintaining any of the property of the Corporation or for special dividends or for redemption or debentures or redeemable shares or for special dividends or for equalising dividends or for any other purpose whatsoever, and to transfer any such fund or part thereof to any of the other funds therein mentioned.
  • To arrange for the supply of the raw materials required by any member of Banjara or group of such persons whether registered under law as firm, Society or company or mot for taking up any productive programme.


  • To undertake the marketing of the produces, products and materials belonging to Thanda habitants, legally collect or produced by any member or group of such members whether registered under law as firm, society or company or not.
  • To promote finance or conduct directly or in collaboration with any member, association of members of Bhanjara community firm, society, Trust or Company of any such members for the establishment of hostels, Boarding & lodging houses, hotels and restaurants, STD booths etc. for the benefit of Thanda habitants.
  • To undertake or act as an Agency for implementing any schemes of Government of Karnataka , Local bodies, Boards and Corporations established by the state or central Government or any other private or public companies, trusts or any international organizations for the benefit of Thandas and their habitants.
  • To establish, promote or assist to establish small-scale industries, village and cottage industries, minor forest collection and disposal centers and other industrial or commercial enterprises in Thandas.